Lily Lapidese

Nice to meet you! 🖖 I'm a Staff Product Designer at Squarespace, crafting tools to help businesses grow.

Previously, I was at Hulu and Disney, designing complex enterprise and consumer products. I began my career in startups (now long lost to the sands of time) as a front-end developer, before discovering that design is where I really wanted to live full-time. I did code this site, though! 💁‍♀

Born and based in Los Angeles, I love video games, Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi, and crunchy design problems. I own more glittery dice than any one person could really need. Accomplishments include keeping three pothos plants alive for one year and counting. 🪴

Want to talk to me about ethical design practices, the last book you read, or your favorite Star Trek character? Get in touch on Twitter or LinkedIn, or email me at

A photo of Lily
Obligatory whiteboard photo