Lily Lapidese

All You Have to Do Is Survive

Your government loves you very much! Make good choices! Play now in your browser.

Project Type HTML5 game

Timeline 2017

Involvement game design, writing, art, code

Don't make any trouble and you'll be just fine!

I made this text-based Twine game as a participant in ResistJam, an online game jam about creating games that resist oppressive authoritarianism.

Screenshot of game informing the player that the winning move is to cooperate with the guards



  • "a very emotional, well written adventure" - Jupiter Hadley
  • "a lovely and clever game about resisting... or not" - Tyler Coles
  • "makes skillful use of hypertext-game tropes & has quite a bit of emotional punch" - Matt Surka
  • "Wonderful little game!" - Sara Border

Video Playthroughs (spoilers!)